Ford Q1 Presentation, featuring the Mayor of Walsall Tom Ansell.

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The Q1 qualification process takes at least six months. During this time, the aspirant must undergo a series of self-assessments. On the one hand, this involves providing information about the quality management system and, on the other hand, information about the supplier’s production process. If necessary, Ford checks the information given via on-site audits and by conducting personal talks.

Furthermore, during this period, Ford carries out an in-depth assessment of the supplier’s quality performance – in collaboration with the Group’s various plants that source products and services from the suppliers.


All the information gathered is subsequently submitted to the responsible site engineer who assesses the overall performance of the supplier and authorizes the conferment of the Q1 award.

Ford then presents the award to the supplier on-site as part of a special award ceremony. The supplier now ranks as an official Q1 certified supplier and can use this title in its advertising.

Congratulations to all our staff on achieving this status.