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Complex Cold Forming Ltd recognises that the company’s success depends upon the calibre of its people.

We want to enable all our employees to reach their potential insofar as this is possible within the company's objectives, and to the mutual benefit of the individual and the company.

The company aim is to establish an empowered, motivated, effective workforce, instilling in our employees a desire for excellence, a willingness to take on individual responsibility, to be flexible within the work place, and also to demonstrate an acceptance of the importance of team co-operation.

We take for granted personal integrity, a commitment to self-development and self-reliance.

We will encourage innovation.

Employees will be recruited on the basis of their qualifications and relevant experience, regardless of gender, marital status, creed, colour, race, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, nationality or disability.

We will ensure that each new recruit undergoes induction training in order to maximise the rate of individual and organisational learning. Individual programmes are implemented for ongoing assessment and development.

Complex Cold Forming are proud of our employee retention record, we promote communication at all levels and believe that all staff irrespective of the position they hold should have the opportunity to have their opinions heard.