Threadlocking & Sealing Systems

CCF in conjunction with approved suppliers can offer a comprehensive range of high specification pre-applied locking & sealing products with numerous advantages including:

  • Elimination of secondary locking features, such as nuts, washers, etc
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Replaces manually applied sealing tapes or gaskets
  • Wide operating temperature capabilities
  • Lower in place cost
  • Replaces liquid adhesives
  • Pre-applied onto component so cannot be missed
  • Complies fully with end of vehicle life directives
  • Protects against the impact of joint relaxation

Their are two basic concepts for thread locking, the interference action of the patch material to the mating thread (a prevailing torque patch) or the chemical locking action of an adhesive (a micro-encapsulated adhesive patch).

Tuflok® is nylon based anti-vibration interference locking patch, permanently fused to the screw thread providing excellent vibration resistance and torque performance for all applications requiring controlled loading and re-usability.

Driseal 506 ® ,Microseal 204 ® & Precote 5 ® are environmentally friendly PTFE pre-applied sealants providing instant sealing upon installation.

Pre-Applied Under Head Systems

Precote 15® peripheral seal, which can be applied to the under-head bearing surfaces to replace copper, aluminium and other more expensive sealing washers

The medium is flexible organic based material which is forced into any gaps between mating surfaces to form a robust seal

The different grades of resistance sealants are available for fuel, oil, brake and antifreeze applications

Some varieties exhibit excellent re-use capabilities